Our mission

To inspire influencers and social media users to create their best content, presented in the best manner. People use Preppy to easily to reach and touch others in a consistent and efficient way on all social media, in a single go.

Our Story

Preppy is a global app software company focused on developing easy-to-use social media management tools and marketplace.

With billions of social media content creators where anyone can start a YouTube channel or Radio podcast the question is:

How can YOU stand out, catch attention and reach your audience?

We’re here to create a community of passionate social media content creators that learn on-the-go based on solid feedback, peer interaction and behavior modelling.

Preppy is designed from scratch to be focused on being mobile and to be an app fit for everyone. We’re developing tools to optimize content creation and posting across all social networks at once, allowing ongoing social media updates at all times, everywhere.

Our intuitive user interface for cross media will improve engagement and publication, allowing for example hash tagging across platforms as well as scheduled publication times, and more.

The Team

Preppy harnesses its team’s varied talents in software, design, and business to present next level social media management fit for everyone!

Preppy is backed by an international team of highly skilled software engineers, designers and executives, who are actively engaged with heavy social media users and are aware precisely to what is currently missing in the market and what would it take to create the dream social media management platform and marketplace.

The Founders

David Freidenberg

David Freidenberg

  • Experienced entrepreneur and executive in global high-tech & telecom companies
  • Skill set includes biz-dev, strategy, M&A’s, Equity crowdfunding and IPO’s.
  • MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Jason Hasperhoven

Jason Hasperhoven

  • Experienced working in various startups and leading software teams
  • Broad and deep understanding about software product development
  • Strives for pixel-perfection using cutting-edge technologies