Is Preppy safe to use? Won’t it share unexpectedly on my timeline?

Yes, Preppy is completely safe to use. We will never share your data anywhere or with anyone. We respect your given permissions and we will never post on your behalf.

Complying with the GDPR rules, we’ll give you granular control of your data and accounts. If you with to delete something then it will be truly deleted, that also means that we will not be able to retrieve it later.

What makes Preppy different than Buffer, Hootsuite, etc?

Since Preppy is build in 2018, we recognize that users value a great mobile experience more than anything else. We’re building Preppy with that focus in mind and are aiming to deliver the same experience across all devices and platforms.

Initially we’re focusing on matching the feature set of our competition, but we’re approaching it from a fresh perspective specifically for individual influencers. After that we will expand upon that and take a different direction, so definitely stay tuned for that!

Why is there no Instagram yet? And what about LinkedIn and Pinterest?

We will start supporting Instagram as soon as they allow it, but currently their publishing backend is closed. LinkedIn and Pinterest are coming soon.

How many social media accounts can I have on Preppy?

As many as your want. During our beta period we are looking for users to test our app and in return we will reward you by providing you unlimited accounts for free.

Can I store posts for the future?

Yes, as our name suggests you can prepare your posts, this is exactly what Preppy does best.

Set a schedule, select your accounts and click post; now your posts are prepared for the future and will publish according to your settings.

Can I transfer my information from phone, tablet, computer?

By default all information is stored in the cloud. So whether you login on your phone or desktop, all your accounts information will be there. The only thing which is specifically stored on your device are your last selected accounts to which you wish to post to.